SURPRISE! It's Your Birthday!

The surprise party birthday gameshow!

What's included in this extraordinary birthday experience?

1. An unforgettable birthday surprise party for up to 99 guests

Now available ONLINE! Includes all the secret scheming, cover-stories and birthday surprise skullduggery that make surprise parties the uncontested best way to celebrate a birthday.

2. A custom birthday game show about your guest of honor

Like any game show you'd see on TV - except all the games and questions are 100% about the guest of honor. We grab fun factoids from your friends and wrap them up in a hilarious original party game that everyone gets to play. Charming gameshow host included!

3. The birthday guest of honor gets to play - and probably win. 

Imagine you're a contestant in a game show all about you. Everything's a surprise, but you're a master at every challenge and an expert in every category. You're surrounded by cheering friends - everyone's playing to win and everyone's rooting for you. 

4. A secret birthday call-in line for adoring birthday wishes!

Your friends can record funny, touching and unforgettable birthday greetings - that all go into the game! Players get to guess who said what, and what they'll say next! 

5. Only the very best birthday they ever had in their entire life. 

It's everyone's secret birthday wish to be the center of loving attention. You're giving the gift of being loved, seen and celebrated with all the bells and whistles.

Let's plan a dang party!


When's the best day to schedule a Surprise! It's Your Birthday! party? 

We find the best time for maximum surprise is an evening in the week before the calendar date-of-birthday. Friday and Saturdays are when the general party vibe is highest. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are when surprises are least expected. Thursdays are the sweet spot - a legitimate surprise and the most lavish possible start to a birthday weekend. 

How fast can you plan a Surprise! It's Your Birthday! party? 

We ask at least two weeks advance notice as guest need some time to submit all the birthday info we use to make the gameshow. 

BUT OCCASIONALLY (and we probably shouldn't even tell you this) if a surprise party MUST HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY - that's fine too. Select the 3 Day Rush add-on at checkout and deputize "3 birthday besties" we can can pump for ALL the gameshow information pertaining to the guest of honor. To make this all happen, your birthday besties must be both knowledgeable and responsive. 

Yes. If needed, we can plan an unforgettable surprise party in 3 days time. 

I want this! Can I just throw a Surprise! It's Your Birthday! party for myself? 

Yes! In fact, Surprise! It's Your Birthday is the only way we know to throw a surprise party for yourself. You just tell us who to invite and show up at the appointed time. Everything beyond that can be a complete and total surprise! Except that you'll have an AMAZING time. (That's a gimme!) 

Is this all-ages? Will it be family appropriate? 

All our gameshows are family friendly, tasteful and embarassment-free for both guests and guest-of-honor. We're workplace-safe and grandmother approved. 

HOWEVER - These events are attended by an adult audience who may be drinking. You as the parent must determine your comfort level with what they'll be exposed to. 

What if the guest of honor finds out we're planning a surprise? 

Sometimes that happens. In the grand scheme of things - we think maybe that's okay. You're giving them a one-of-a-kind, completely personalized gameshow created by their friends and family,  so - except for the time and place - every aspect of this will be a complete surprise. 

We recommend you print out a copy of our helpful pamphlet:  

So, you discovered you're getting a surprise party. (Pamphlet pending)

How much does a Surprise! It's Your Birthday! gameshow party cost?

It varies. Each party is personalized to your preferences, but the ballpark costs are competitive with renting a party room at a restaurant or bowling alley. 

It takes about 2 minutes to get a quote. Call (323) 389-5483‬ or use the chat button down there↘ 

Is there any way to keep costs down?

Totally. You can even foot the bill yourself or let guests chip-in... 

Payment Option 1: “Your Money’s No Good Here” 

The host foots the bill - covers the full cost of the event.

You pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve the date, invite the guests and create the personalized gameshow. Then, 24 hours before the event, you alone pay the full balance of the remainder.

Payment Option 2: “We All Chipped In” 

You're the host, but all the guests can chip in dough to make this happen.

You pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve the date, invite the guests and create the personalized gameshow. In their invite, the guests receive a link to a custom webpage that explains that you're all doing one big present this year -- a live gameshow celebrating the life of the birthday person  -- and that if they’d like to "go in on it" too, here's where they can chip in a few bucks. Here's what that invite looks like. 

You can pick the ticket price per head, or merely make a donation option available.  Whatever guests chip in is deducted from your balance. Then, 24 hours before the event, you pay what, if anything, remains of the balance. 

Obviously, this option can substantially cut your costs. 

Let's figure it out! It takes about 2 minutes to get a quote. Call (323) 389-5483‬ or use the chat button on the bottom right.

What if the birthday person sees this charge on our bank statement?

We applaud your forethought! It’s exactly this kind of thinking that accompanies the very best surprise parties. Depending on which financing method you choose, there will be two charges to your credit card. (These charges are discretely named - in the interest of subterfuge we can't list them here on this searchable page. ) The first will be a token amount for your deposit - when we have the "cover story" discussion, we'll recommend some convenient lies to tell. The second charge will be on the morning of the event and it's your job to make sure they're not balancing the checkbook on their birthday. 

Alternately, you can say, "Don't snoop in checking until your after birthday. You'll ruin your gift." Though WE prefer elaborate birthday trickery, honesty is sometimes the best policy.

What do the guests see? What does the invite look like? 

Take a look for yourself at this sample invite with the most common financing option. 

What's the cover story? What do we say if the birthday person asks? 

For reasons of accidental discovery - we can't mention the cover stories here, but we've got a selection of never-fail explanations for "where are we going, dear" and "why we can't be late." We customize your cover story to the guest of honor and even fake convincing materials to subtly reinforce the fiction. 

Once guests confirm their attendance, they'll receive a private email containing our agreed-upon cover story and so nobody blows the surprise. Watch for a "SHHH! Here's the plan!" in your inbox. 

Do guests need to be an expert about the birthday person to play and have fun? 

Not in the least - this is for new friends and old. Anyone who wants to celebrate the guest of honor and who -- clearly -- you think would be lots of fun at a party. Congrats! You made the list! You probably know the birthday person at least a little - it's what you can surmise that will wins the game. 

If it's a gameshow, can folks win stuff? 

"Fabulous prizes" are a fun, but completely optional add-on. Remember the likeliest outcome is that the birthday person wins (the game's about their life, after all) but everyone playing has a legitimate at winning. Then there's a second place and third place awarded. Prizes are great, but generally it's enough to declare a winner with the appropriate fanfare. If you elect to add prize money to win - we don't recommend a huge cash prize (or announcing the prize in advance) for one important reason - folks are here to have fun. Somehow when money gets involved, folks start to focus on winning and forget they're here to celebrate a birthday.

Is this the best way to celebrate a loved-one's birthday? 

Yes. Yes, it is. Nobody celebrates birthdays like we celebrate birthdays. You can trust us when we tell you this might be the best way to celebrate a birthday. Hands down.  


Give us your non-refundable, up-front deposit to reserve the date, send invites and create your one-of-a-kind birthday gameshow.

You'll get a confirmation at the email address provided as well as a customized invite to forward to guests. (Emails sent from known senders are less likely to get spam filtered.)

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