You're invited to a very special birthday surprise party!
 A real live gameshow celebrating the life of XXX!

WHAT:   The XXX Gameshow (A birthday surprise party!)

Like any gameshow you'd see on TV - except all the games and questions are 100% about XXX. XXX has zero idea they're about to be a contestant in a gameshow. Or that they'll be surrounded by cheering friends (that's you) who are also competing gameshow contestants.


This is a real actual surprise party ( - just like normal, only online). This means we come early, we "hide," then we all "jump out" and and yell SURPRISE! Please arrive in the zoom link in your confirmation email not a minute later than TIME TBD. 

We'll try to wrangle XXX to arrive at TIME2 TBD (or very shortly thereafter). 

HOW:   Do we get questions for a XXX gameshow?

We get them from you of course! Each guest receives a secret secret link to collect their unique XXX knowledge  -  plus, a special secret dial-in number to record special birthday wishes that get featured in the gameshow as a secret birthday guessing game. 

That's a lot of new information to take in, right? 
Well there's only one thing you've got to remember...

This is a surprise party.
Don't be the yahoo who
 blows the surprise.


Your timely RSVP is appreciated!


How many will attend?


And a gift is completely unnecessary, but...


Since folks keep asking...

Some folks *absolutely can not show up empty handed.* For those wonderful folks, this year we recommend just chipping in on this one gigantic present - the gameshow celebrating the life of the XXX.

Some folks can't make to the party but *still want to chip in a few bucks for the gift* and sign the card. Whether or not you're able to make the party, everyone that chips-in gets to *sign* the "WE GOT YOU A GAMESHOW" card down below.

And really isn't that better than than wrapping some irregular shaped gift?

Once again, a birthday present is totally unnecessary, but if you'd like to "go in on" something together with a few folks - this is it and you're welcome to chip in whatever amount you'd like.


Total: $0.00


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