Once-a-month. Always different.

Each month features a surprise creative prompt to invent a new experience and laugh with other creatives as they attempt to do the same.

Sharpies provided. Cocktails encouraged.

Plus all the goofy club traditions, secret-handshakes, 

monogrammed smoking jackets and foxhole friendships
you'd expect in a creativity social club.
Welcome to the club, you Imagi-Ne'er-Do-Wells.

What on Earth am I getting myself into? 

Your (practically free) $5 donation includes entrance to LA's Two Bit Circus amusement micro-park at 634 Mateo St, 90021. Stay, play & socialize until closing time!

It includes the company of brilliant creative weirdos like yourself for 
good-spirited laughs and goofy club traditions!

It includes all the geeky thrills of playing our one-of-a-kind, fun-and-funny creative concepts game. Always different. Always different.

And don't forget, every month features a totally original creative challenge, 
a special celebrity guest judge and fabulous prizes for the ten top concepts!

All hosted by president-for-life,
your friend and mine,
Brett Jackson

Once-a-month. Always different.
Monthly meeting date announced by the first of the month.
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* Our sponsor has asked a two-drink minimum for all attendees, and when they're happy we're happy. We appreciate your problem-drinking. Not a big drinker? No problem. You can also substitute a $20 Player Card which can be used on anything in the park: food, drinks, games - you name it! We love that our generous location sponsor gives us this option!

** Please be aware, each month's meeting may later be rebroadcast as a podcast. By attending you agree you're cool with us featuring your voice, image and any original creations you elect to share.


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